2021 Letter from the President

Sat, 01/23/2021 - 13:44
by Christy Flores

Hello, Members!

I hope this note finds everyone well and healthy at the start of this New Year! In true fashion, we’ve blinked and we’re more than halfway through January. We’ve endured 2020 and, if you’re like me, feeling renewed and very hopeful for 2021. I appreciate each of you; for your flexibility and commitment to our Chapter as we navigated through last year. Let’s gear up for a great year!

 As we prepare for 2021, I’d like to recap who will serve as your Board. We have some new faces with whom we’re excited to work with.

2021 CPCU Nebraska Chapter Board

Christy Flores, President

Michele May, Vice President

Kristi Newcomb, Treasurer

Amanda Tan, Secretary

Marne Van Dyke, Immediate Past President

Kevin Kraft, 1st year Board Member at Large

Ted Retzlaff, 1st year Board Member at Large

Call to Action

We anticipate that our monthly meetings will remain virtual for (likely) the first half of the year. However, we’re all getting used to Zoom and virtual technology and it does give us a broader range of speakers to join us! We’ve found that the virtual platform has allowed us to pursue speakers more easily as we don’t have travel constrictions to contend with. Further, we’re interested in what kind of topics you’re wanting to hear about this year and how we can build our virtual attendance in our monthly meetings. We know and appreciate everyone’s time so we’d like to ensure we’re delivering topics that are most relevant in this space. We’d love your recommendations on either topics or speakers.

Below are the current 2021 committees and their liaisons. We’d ask that you review the descriptions of each committee and consider volunteering. Ideally, each committee would have 3-4 committee members. The liaisons listed are not committee members, rather the sounding board for the committee members. We’ve had some of our most tenured committee members roll-off this year which has created openings. This would be a great year to get involved in CPCU in a different way!

Please reach out to any member of the Board with any topic/speaker recommendations, questions, or to volunteer as a committee member.

2021 Committees

  1. Good Works Committee – Liaisons: Kristi Newcomb and Ted Retzlaff - Kristen.Newcomb@iatinsurance.com and ted.retzlaff.hc9a@statefarm.com.                               This committee plans the April lunch meeting as well as activities in/for the community.
  2. New Designee/Membership Committee – Liaison: Michele May - michele.may@fbfs.com.         This committee plans the August lunch meeting as well as tracks our members’ progress in achieving the CPCU designation, plans activities, recognizes members, and encourages involvement.
  3. Web/Public Relations Committee – Liaison: Amanda Tan - ins.art@pm.me.                                  This committee keeps the website up to date, is kicking off the use of our new Facebook page, and coordinates the invitations and correspondence to the Chapter members.
  4. Scholarship Committee – Liaison: Christy Flores – christy.flores.m6bp6@statefarm.com.          This committee contacts local college student organizations to solicit insurance-related candidates and selects an annual scholarship winner.
  5. Christmas/Holiday Committee – Liaison: Kevin Kraft – kevin.kraft@biginebraska.org.                This committee plans the December Christmas/Holiday luncheon.

Below are the dates for our monthly meetings and the known information; again, we’d love your ideas on how to fill in the gaps! If any date changes needed, an email will be sent.

2021 Monthly Meetings

  •             Jan 21st – Kristi – Malone Center – Zoom
  •             Feb 18th -  Kevin – Speaker from the Big I; current unicameral session/bills
  •             Mar 18th – Ethics meeting -
  •             Apr 15th – Good Works Service Project -
  •             May 20th –
  •             June - BREAK
  •             July - BREAK
  •             Aug 19th – New Designees + Scholarship presentation?
  •             Sept 16th
  •             Oct 21st –
  •             Nov 18th
  •             Dec 16th – Christmas/Holiday party
  •             Jan 20th, 2022 – including this date for a smooth transition into New Year

Final Thoughts

I’m very much looking forward to kicking off our first monthly meeting of the year today! We’ll briefly discuss the items above, and then we’ll hear from the Malone Center.

I’m so proud of this Chapter and looking forward to everything we can accomplish year.


Christy Flores


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